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 Our job is to help our clients sort through the vast array of options there are in creating an apparel program. Insight based on experience and the hard work of research, are valuable in the myriad of decisions that must be made in bringing apparel to market. It’s not easy, and most companies can’t afford to get it wrong.

‘Design’ actually means whatever the individual customer needs it to mean. For some accounts we only do conceptual work and construction details, other clients want help with fabric choices and colorways. Each customer and each project is different. Our job is to fit into the process and work until they get the apparel we planned for.

Simply Gray does partial or full-meal-deal design packages including; concept and call-outs, trim and fabric qualities and placement, color tab sheets, sizing information, label and logo detail and anything else that needs to get onto paper to get a good, accurate, sample rolling with the factory.

Development is the heavy lifting of perfection and compromise. It was once explained to us – “Development is like pushing peanuts across the room with your nose, but rather than being merely a race, you have a lot of different peanuts, and they all must reach the other side at precisely the same time…” Good development is about asking and answering questions, clear documentation, innovative sourcing of fabrics / trims, and concise, simple sample revision instructions. Our goal is perfect finished samples, and we often help teach the factory how to make to our quality and construction standards.

Sourcing is simply hooking up a client with an appropriate factory. Sounds simple but it isn’t. After 17 years of visiting and working with scores of factories, it’s easy to recommend the good ones. Fabric sourcing is a balance between the location of a mill and the attributes of the fabric. We are specialists in waterproof/breathable and technical fabrics of all kinds, particularly where related to human athletic performance. As part of some projects we watch the milled goods through the manufacturing process and right up until shipping.

Our favorite is to be involved in all three; to dream about and create original designs, chase e-mails and revisions through development, and be a part of the sourcing of factories, fabrics, and trims.

merchandise planning is the real world exercise of pushing a garment style through design and into sensible production.


Merchandising is the subtle art of interpreting market opportunity against available resources and time. Merchandise planning begins with a good
directional overview, takes into consideration production difficulties and needs, assesses the market and summarizes a good design brief. What is so
cool about classical merchandising is the art of balance between; the pragmatism of production, that wants to make everything in one size and color, i.e. black, the puppy dog excitement of sales, who wants to do what everyone else is doing, but with our name on it, and touchy-feely design and creative team, who always want what hasn’t been made yet,and it’s expensive.

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Good merchandise planning and design briefing makes the entire process much, much, easier.

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